Denim Confession


Nine Pairs of Jeans. And that’s not counting my jean shorts.

Well over the past 4 years, it looks like I’ve accumulated a lot of jeans. It’s safe to say that 6 out of the 9 jeans, I got for 15.99 or less. They were either on sale or at a thrift store or something. My most expensive was probably 39.99: a super dark, inky, flare leg pair from American Eagle. Love those! And after I’ve been working out, my butt finally fills out most of the pairs! I’m very awkwardly shaped from the waist down.

Favorite pair: Banana Republic Bootleg from OhioThrift: 5.99.

Most versatile pair: Forever 21 skinny jeans: 12.99

Pair I have most fun with: Grey Bullhead skinny jeans from a garage sale: ___ I can’t remember.

And that’s just the jeans guys, I own other pants, skirts, and shorts….Embarassed or proud? Well…both. :)


Breakfast Baker: ilovecarbsilovecarbsilovecarbs


So yes, I dressed up to bake my delightful ZUCCHINI CAKE. It. is. so. good. Mom may have made fun of me, but I enjoyed every second. (of the dressing up) And then the zucchini cake came out of the oven and I ate three pieces. There goes my bikini diet plan. But everybody, it’s worth it. I’ll post the recipe some time if anyone asks, since it’s almost entirely gone now! :)

But the focus of my blog: the outfits! So this one is super summery and almost beachy and it’s extremely comfortable. And the color! Let me tell you how good my tan looks with that dress on! ;)

My favorite lacy tank top EVER by Mossimo from Goodwill: 3.99!

Coral dress from a beach boutique in Virginia Beach: 12.99!

GUESS  brand shoes from Goodwill: 6.99! 

since my photo challenged dad cut them off… :|…here they are! I love my coral wedges!!

And that is my version of summer breakfast. Carbs and zuchinni and cute coral outfits=happy iStealwardrobes blog.

Salute to Service

Salute to Service

It’s July 4th! Independence Day or FREEDOM DAY as I prefer to call it.

This outfit is made up of lots of thrift store finds!

Red Fioni heels: 4.99 Goodwill

American Eagle shorts: 24.99

Red Belt came with a dress from Forever 21

Tank Top: $___ -was purchased cheap from Plato’s closet but I can’t remember

navy Heritage 1981 sweater: 3.99 Goodwill

All Jewelry and accessories purchased at various clearance racks.

Earrings: Icing’s

Necklace: Forever 21

This picture has a good story: it was 96 out I believe and I wanted to make another post. Aaaand I can’t really take my own pictures so I grabbed my lovely younger brother to help me out. He wasn’t too excited and we were watched by some confused construction men across the street as I drove to the middle of town. But this church was too pretty to pass up so here’s my salute to:

  • Freedom!
  • Soldiers!
  • Fashion!
  • ‘Merica!

And a thanks to my bro, Stephen.

LC: The Magical Lauren Conrad


july 4

Lauren Conrad is one of my go-to inspirations. As shown above are her ever so lovely fourth of July ideas! (soon to be followed by my own!)

Anyway, LC is just brilliant. From fashion ^^^ to great health tips and makeup tips, she seriously knows what she’s doing. I love her classy style, but unfortunately, few people I know can afford everything she likes to piece together. I’ll just stick to her line at Kohl’s and proudly wear the Lauren Conrad sweater I just bought for….

duhn duhn duhn….3.99 at OHIO THRIFT.

Aaaaaaand, this is why I post. You can get designer pieces too for el cheapo prices. For Conrad’s, just hit up Kohl’s or your thrift store! And visit her site. She rocks.

Ballerina by Day


Ballerina by Day

“Girl Who Does Not Dance”
Here is my first cost designed outfit! The photo is admittedly not very good. I am not a model nor a photographer so…but the outfit is the focus! Although I’ve paired the skirt (Target) with a lacy top before, I like the polka dot tank (Ohio Thrift-2.99) for a pop of color! It makes the skirt’s pale pink a neutral and the bright mary jane flats pull the red from top to bottom. A red wrapping ribbon in the hair to complete the recital-ready outfit! Or not…since I can’t dance.